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Creativity4Better 2023 Creativity4Better 2023

One day before the conference, on October 30, we have one full day of immersive interactive workshops.

The themes are: Generative AI, Friend or Foe?, TikTok 101 - Fun Masterclass on Content Creation on TikTok, Creativity Matters.

All the workshops will take place at Sheraton Hotel, Iridium Ballroom, starting 09:30. Entrance is free.

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Sir John Hegarty

The “Creativity4Better” Global Annual Conference started in 2017, and this year we organize our 6th edition. Our plans for 2022 are to make this conference a beacon of creativity, a truly memorable experience, talking about sustainability and communication with a lot of innovation, customer engagement, networking and customised content. We are inviting top communication experts, creative strategic brilliant minds, as well as sustainability experts and innovation mavericks, to inspire the Marcom industry worldwide. With our Conference we aim to point out that creativity has a strong impact in the world, both in business but also in changing the world for the better.

Over the years we inspired 5000+ professionals and we had the honor to welcome the world's leading practitioners in creativity.


AR & VR ads
NFT and digital assets
Corporate metaverse
Storytelling Strategies
Psychological triggers
Tips and recommendations
What's new and what's next
AI in advertising
Flying wheel and reinventing funnel marketing
Culture marketing in the era of the great resignation
Purpose led positioning - goods & bads
Access and equal opportunities
Activist Brands, Purpose Marketing