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Dr. Seth Dobrin

Global Expert AI, President Responsible AI Institute

Widely recognized as one of the industry’s most preeminent business leaders in AI, Dr. Seth Dobrin has ideated and spearheaded some of the most innovative AI strategies for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. Trained as a human-geneticist, he launched his career in tech with an unwavering passion for the rigor of the scientific method applied to business, combined with his interest in human nature described through data.

Dr. Dobrin is the CEO of Trustwise, the President of the Responsible AI Institute, and Founder of Qantm AI, a strategic advisory firm focused on bridging the business value of AI to its technical execution through a human centered approach, providing tailored solutions to each client. He founded the business after creating and launching a new human-centered methodology for designing and executing an AI strategy. Dr. Dobrin’s proprietary methodology enables organizational transformation through a bespoke design-driven process that guides the prioritization and implementation of a well-defined set of AI initiatives that align with a company’s business strategy. Dr. Dobrin’s outcome-based strategy fundamentally transforms the elements of every company’s functions, from business operations to product development, by driving optimal business results, with consistency and responsibility. As a thought leader, Dr. Dobrin’s unique combination of business experience and high level of technical expertise has allowed him to carve out a niche space in the AI field. His human-centered approach to AI in business utilizes humans as a lens to frame data and AI issues, while simultaneously uncovering new business opportunities to design AI solutions around. Dr. Dobrin credits his emphasis on trust, fairness, and inclusiveness as being paramount to his success in AI. As an advocate for ethical AI and inclusivity in tech, Dr. Dobrin’s thoughtful approach delivers comprehensive returns, helping each client achieve their unique goals.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Dr. Dobrin designed and led cutting edge technology strategy initiatives with IBM. Most recently, he was appointed as IBM’s first-ever Global Chief AI Officer and led the entire corporate AI strategy. In this role, Dr. Dobrin was responsible for connecting the AI development and governance across IBM’s divisions with a systemic creation of business outcomes. Earlier, he also served as Vice President and Chief Data Officer for IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software, where he realized billions of dollars and cost savings for IBM and its clients by building a highly diverse team of data scientists and designing leading measurable technology, data, and AI strategies. Before joining IBM, Dr. Dobrin held a variety of leadership roles focused on data and digital strategy with Monsanto Company.

Dr. Dobrin began his career as a scientist and led key medical research initiatives for organizations including the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute, The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), Primary Structure, Inc. Identity Testing (which he also founded), RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc, Genometrics Genomics Incorporated, and Motorola Phoenix Corporate Research Labs. In this capacity, he authored a number of medical articles and research papers, which were published in some of the most notable medical journals in the United States. Since carving his own path into the tech realm, Dr. Dobrin has become a prominent voice in the world of AI. He has been featured in major international outlets such as Inc. Magazine, Protocol, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The National, The Gulf News, and He has also spoken at numerous events, conferences, and institutions around the world, including The World AI Forum Cannes, AI Summit, TEDx Buffalo, Gitex Technology Week, London Tech Week, The AI World Summit, the CDO Summit, the Spark Summit, and IBM Think. Dr. Dobrin has been interviewed for many podcasts and video series, including The Cube, ZDNet, The CDO magazine, the Equal AI podcast, the New York Times report’s podcast an Eye on AI, Smart Talks with IBM podcast featuring Malcolm Gladwell, and AI in Business podcast, among many others.

Dr. Dobrin is an active leader and champion of diversity in the AI community, serving as Board Advisor for the network Women Leaders in Data and AI, a member of Calyxt’s Scientific Advisory Board, a member of the Advisory Board of the Brauch Department of Math and Statistics, and a member of the Arizona State University Biotechnology’s Advisory Board. He is also a member of Protocol’s Braintrust and the XPrize Braintrust. Dr. Dobrin holds a doctorate in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a focus on Genetics and Genomics of Mental Illness from Arizona State University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, also from Arizona State. He has been named one of Corinium Intelligence’s Top 100 Leaders in Data & Analytics 2022, and was also nominated AI innovator of the Year in 2021 by winning the AI Summit award, which recognized Dr. Dobrin as a business leader who has trailblazer breakthrough AI solutions.