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Workshop TikTok 101

NOVEMBER 2, 2022

Rebecca Rosenblat

Global Industry Relations Manager, TikTok

Andrea Herskowich

Global Industry Relations Associate Manager, TikTok

TikTok 101 is a virtual and engaging session designed to provide a beginners' guide to becoming TikTok experts. This masterclass aims to foster engagement and inspire creativity on the unique platform. The goal is for attendees to learn the essential tips and tricks needed to discover, create, and engage on TikTok.

The Metaverse. Unboxed by KUBIS META.

NOVEMBER 2, 2022

Marius Goleanu

Head of Innovation, KUBIS

Vlad Popovici

Managing Partner, KUBIS

KUBIS is one of the leading integrated independent agencies in the region, positioned at the intersection of creativity and tech. Their mantra „All angles. All in.” is applied to a diversified roster of clients, which includes Vodafone, LIDL, MedLife, Philip Morris, NN, Betano, Napolact, Unicredit Bank, Unilever, WWF, and Save The Children. Always looking for new frontiers, they have launched KUBIS META, the first local division specialized in offering consultancy, strategy, and development for Web3 projects. Marius and Vlad will showcase some of the latest trends in this new exciting territory illustrated by relevant cases from various markets. The aim is to distinguish real value from hype and explain how the Metaverse can transform the industry in Romania and in the region and help in a relevant way and help it grow. They will also look into the future and discuss the challenges that the new technologies bring and their potential to change consumers’ lives for the better by providing a safe and inclusive space for interaction and engagement.


NOVEMBER 2, 2022

Andreea Ghiocel

Reporting Division Manager & Sustainability Consultant, The CSR Agency

Doru Mitrana

Head of Training Division & Sustainability Consultant, The CSR Agency

Companies' responsibilities related to sustainability are increasingly shifting away from the voluntary status, gradually becoming legal requirements for companies. Sustainability strategies replace CSR campaigns, while investors, banks, regulatory bodies, clients and employees demand more and more transparency, clear data and evidence of sustainable profitability, redefining the concept of value. One of the challenges that companies face when publicly disclosing and communicating sustainability is keeping it real and avoiding those marketing spins that exaggerate a company's performance or a product's green credentials. These practices are known as greenwashing. The bad news is that the line between transparency and greenwashing is a very thin one, and without the proper tools and know-how, easy to cross. The good news is, there is still time to change. Communication needs to be real and communicators need to be nimble enough to evolve as stakeholders' expectations, needs and perception do. As societal pressure for true sustainability increases, will we witness more and more companies failing to embrace the wind of change or will companies take a long awaited shift and adopt responsible business practices?

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