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Sorina Diaconu

Marketing of People, STICKR

Love my life, music stalker, dedicated to spreading good vibes, thankful for All.

After studying Political Science & Management with a master degree in “Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Policies in EU”, I succeeded in raising up to 1.600.000 euro for anti-discrimination policies support projects in Romania.

Being a granddaughter of 2 painters, loving art, but lacking artistic talents I was fortunate and worked for United Nations in the Beautiful Romania project, helping the revival of historical monuments that now people enjoy visiting. Then 7 of the most demanding years have begun at Ogilvy Group Romania, where I can honestly say I’ve gain the best professional training, working on accounts like Audi, Unilever, Petrom, Carrefour, Nestle.

My career path drove me to a global experience as a Marketing Director for MTAG SWITZERLAND into B2B communication for global leader in high quality steel production covering the markets: USA, Switzerland, Romania, China, Russia and UK – best part was travelling & getting to know such different cultures.

I’am also a cheese lover so luckily for me I turned to FMCG acting as a GM for the Bel Group France in Danone Romania, overseeing  what I used to call “the hipsters cheese” Leerdammer, La Vache Qui Rit “the one & only 0 E cheese” & “the playful” Mini Baby Bel.

The personal belief the we can do more for our society’s health & wellbeing led me to accept the assignment of Marketing Director for MedLife Group Romania, leader of private healthcare services. And it was the biggest challenge, not only due to the unfortunate pandemic times but also because the public is highly sensitive to all communication aspects of the medical act.

2021 came up with a new global adventure, that is Stickr – cover the world app. A new social media #true & #authentic. And now everybody is asking me: “how can you promote a social media where there are no ads???”

Crazy, bold or brave ? #haha (my own personal TM #) I guess we will all see.