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September 19, at 16:30

Bucharest, Promenada Mall

Sorina Diaconu

Marketing Group Director MedLife

Self-conscious, playful pursuer, competing only with me, piano joggling with tasks, enjoying beautiful life.

Content with who I am & what I am.
When I do not see “ways out” I trust God.

Love my family & grateful for all the works achieved.

From a global innovative Swiss company International Marketing Director in the field of high-quality steel production to the leader in private health services in Romania as Group Marketing Director.
My experience includes a 4 year assignment at United Nations in a project that restored historical monuments in big cities. Changing business for WPP, Ogilvy Group Romania was my true professional architect, for 8 years I learned from the best clients one could have, back then we were „changing the world” - my colleagues created „Bursa de Fericire” now „Daruieste Viata” #pleasedonate #noifacemunspital
As a cheese lover, I have to say I was lucky to be part of Danone Romania as Brand Manager for Bel Group France top brands, I still constantly buy the 98% milk Mini Baby Bel cheese & please note Leerdammer is a cheese not „cascaval”!!!
By far the biggest challenge is currently at MedLife.

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