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Sébastien Pellion

Head of Social Impact and Sustainability Glovo

Sébastien is an expert in sustainable development and impact, with a license in Public Policy from SciencesPo (France) / Ottawa University (Canada).

He joined Glovo, a pioneering multi-category delivery app and one of the world’s leading delivery platforms, two years ago, as a Sustainability Manager. At the moment, he leads the Social Impact department, a team responsible for making Glovo’s impact positive for society, by shaping a socially responsible and eco-friendly growth model for the company.

To make it happen, his team is working transversally with all departments within Glovo as well as with external stakeholders, such as NGOs, public administrations, etc.

Sébastien was involved in multiple projects inside the company in order to make a positive impact in society, starting with the eco-efficiency pillar, that involves food waste, mobility (Glovo committed to offset 100% of the indirect CO2 emissions from motorbikes and cars used by couriers), and packaging. At the same time, Glovo is leveraging the company’s technology and logistics for supporting social causes, like Glovo Access. This platform aims to respond to the essential needs of NGOs, social entities and public institutions by connecting them with Glovo’s ecosystem of users and partners to create cool social impact projects by using Glovo’s technology and logistics.

Another sustainability pillar that Sébastien focuses on inside the company is the social one, by generating positive impact throughout Glovo’s ecosystem of users. 

Prior joining Glovo, he was a sustainability executive at the French company Suez, an active participant in the UN Climate Change conferences (2015-2018), and he even had his own start-up focused on digitalizing waste collection in sub-saharan cities.

Other than that, Sébastien has a masters degree in environmental engineering from Tsinghua University (China) / Ecoles de Mines (France), and is co-writer of “Manifest for the new resources”, Cherche Midi Edition with Erik Orsenna (about circular economy in the waste management sector).