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Marius Kohlhepp

Global Head of Customer Insights & Trend Research, Audi AG, Founding Partner, Foresight Academy

Marius Kohlhepp is the Global Head of Customer Insights & Trend Research at AUDI AG Headquarters. As an experienced strategist, he is not only passionate about market and trend research, he also loves working at the intersection of foresight, customer insights and innovation. The guiding question for him is: how can we turn insights into action and generate impact?

In 2008, he started his professional career at Audi’s brand strategy, where he has been responsible for naming & branding. Names like “Audi e-tron” and “Audi connect” are only two examples of technologies that Marius has been working on during that time. Besides naming, he has also been working closely with Audi advertisers and agencies with regards to product positioning and campaign briefing.

After working on Audi’s Digital Business Strategy and – thereafter – as a Project Lead for Audi’s eCommerce solution development, he is now in charge of market and trend research. From classic customer satisfaction studies to customer segmentation, he and his team enable the Audi organization around the globe with relevant customer insights.

In his role, Marius is also one of the founding partners of the Foresight Academy, initiated by Audi. The Foresight Academy is a collaborative of likeminded companies seeking to understand and shape a better tomorrow. Together with 15 partner companies, Audi is exploring the question, how people want to live in 10 years – building on the assumption, that this is a much more valid approach to foresight, than trying to predict the future.

Marius is married and the father of two beautiful daughters. He is passionate about mountaineering and nature in general.