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Andrés Reisinger

World Reputed Digital Artist, Reisinger Studio
Andrés Reisinger (b. 1990) is one of the most sought-after digital artists of the 21st Century. He has conquered a unique position in contemporary culture, occupying and defining the fertile space between the digital and physical spheres. Originally from Argentina and currently residing in Spain in between Madrid and Barcelona, where his studios are also based, Reisinger bridges realms with an instantly recognizable aesthetic that conveys a mesmerizingly clear vision.
Some of Reisinger’s most well-known works include: The Shipping and Arcadia, which both fetched rarely seen before figures at auctions; Hortensia, the embodiment of Reisinger’s ethos and ever-evolving artwork born as digital rendering and transformed into rare design creation and incredibly popular contemporary object; the digital series Take Over, an experiment into the power of the digital in art’s democratisation.
Reisinger’s works have drawn interest from a plethora of international collectors, brands, art galleries and museums alike. Reisinger has exhibited at leading institutions including the Moco Museum (Barcelona, ES), Palazzo Strozzi (Florence, IT), Design Museum Gent (Ghent, BE), Nilufar Gallery (Milan, IT), Collectible Fair (Brussels, BE), Faena Art (Miami, USA) and Christie’s (New York, USA).