IAA Global Conference. 17 October. Bucharest RORY SUTHERLAND - IAA



Find out from Rory Sutherland how creativity can change the world for the better and what part does innovation play in the process.


Innovation and Creativity – what are the similarities and the differentiating points between the two?

They are obviously connected – most inventions involve a degree of creativity - but the more important distinction is between invention and innovation. An innovation is an invention which has been widely and regularly adopted – an invention can merely sit in a drawer unused.

Getting people to adopt new ideas is surprisingly difficult, often requiring more creative thought than inventing things in the first place. It seems bizarre that anyone would eschew electric light, but many people were very frightened of domestic electricity when it first became available. Edison in many ways was as much a creative marketer as he was an inventor.

How can creativity change the world for the better?

It is the handmaiden of information – in that it sees in information what other people do not see.

If you were to define innovation in maximum of 10 words, what would be your definition?

Anything which changes the way people think, decide and act.

How do you foster creativity and innovation within your organization?

Rewarding a kind of wilful perversity of thought – and a fear of the obvious.

What are the most interesting 'unseen opportunities' you noticed in human behaviour?

The extent to which people are more influenced by context than by objective reality.

To what extent do these opportunities apply to the creative work of Ogilvy?

We pursue creativity in all things. The design of an application form can be as vital to a company’s fortunes as a $20m advertising campaign.

Can you tell us more about "invented media" and "discovered media"? How can we use these media to bring forth creativity?

Everything communicates – and everything affects behaviour. Often the most trivial thing is the most decisive.