IAA Global Conference. 17 October. Bucharest Bruno Bertelli - IAA

Bruno Bertelli

Global Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Worldwide

Over 80 Cannes Lions and other awards at international festivals. Learn more about Bruno Bertelli #IAAConference ”Creativity4Better”.


How can creativity change the world for better? 
Innovation is the outcome of a creative process. Considering where innovation comes from, creativity is the only thing that will change the world for the better.

How do you foster creativity and innovation within your organization?
We’re regularly introducing new disciplines and ways of working to the creative process. This approach offers an effective partnership for clients who look for new and innovative creative solutions. Most of the projects we’re working on therefore cannot be solved based on one set process.

If you were to define innovation in maximum of 10 words, what would be your definition?
The pursuit of excellence to make things better over time.

Innovation and Creativity – what are the similarities and differentiating points between the two? 
Creativity is imagination while innovation is implementation. Creativity is a more abstract, less measurable concept than innovation, which is basically the introduction of something new to the market. However, in our industry, creativity is held accountable for business success. Hence, creativity in marketing has to be more innovative than in other creative fields such as art, literature and photography.

Over 80 Cannes Lions and other awards at international festivals. What
is your secret?
My brain is constantly thinking of how to get to better creative solutions. Once we’ve found them I never give up on pushing them through. My motto: #neverrelax

What is the proper environment for a creative? What are the mandatory
elements to generate impressive/awarded creative work?
The environment is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if you sit in a flashy office or take a walk in the park. What matters is that you’ve been given a problem that haunts you to find a solution. In fact, the best creative ideas are born out of conflict. The clearer the source of the problem, the better the creative solution to address the problem.

What are your thoughts about generation Z? Are they more innovative
and creative? What are the challenges of working with them? 
No generation is more creative than another one. They’re all as creative as the problems and inspirations life has thrown at them. The only difference is that they are more familiar with the current culture of their generation.

As a consequence, GenZ can be more familiar with new media platforms, more astute with technology and sometimes, better informed about youth culture.

Working for clients such as Coca-Cola, Netflix and Diesel, these are the kind of traits you’re looking for in a creative. But when it comes to good copy and script writing you’re likely to receive different solutions from Gen X.