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Valer Hancaș

Communications & Corporate Affairs Director, Kaufland Romania

See bellow why should sustainability stay at the same table with business:







1. How would you describe sustainability in a Twitter post (144 characters)?

Let's imagine we're all connected to a big heart, one which should keep next generations alive as well. This heart is our planet and each of us nurtures it. If we stop, it will stop.

2. What is the sustainable project that you always fondly remember? What was its impact on the society?

Kaufland Romania was the first company to launch an initiative that aimed to change a strong habit among customers: the excessive waste of single-use plastic bags.

Because they were offered free of charge for a very long time, the consumption of single-use plastic bags increased considerable.

Romanians were taking more bags than needed, not only for fruit and vegetables, but even to stock them at home. Hundred of millions of bags were thrown away in seconds.

Kaufland Romania launched the first program aiming to reduce excessive use of single plastic bags. We told customers it’s ok to use no bag when weighting fruit and vegetables or to bring their own reusable bag. All single-use thin bags (from fruit and vegetables isle) were replaced with biodegradable ones, and we were the first to set a price for them, in order to discourage customers to use them excessively and therefore to reduce waste. Later, other retailers followed our model. We also launched an educational campaign to encourage customers to give up this habit and reduce bag waste.
The program forced customers to change their shopping behavior and be more aware on the environment.

3. Is it a corporate duty to initiate sustainability? In what way?

Sustainability should stay at the same table with business. This means that if business practices are fairly oriented towards customers and take into consideration the future of the community, they become good practices. By promoting good practices, we can make Romania a better place for future generations. Every step we take today is a brick to the future we share together, to be better and safer, one built on the principles of sustainability.

4. What is the role of technology in building a sustainable world? Can it speed up the process?

For sure, technology can contribute to create sustainable solutions for a long and lasting life of the planet. But technology, in order to be a saviour, has to be made widely accessible to population and brought in the close reach of anyone. We also believe that technology, a source of innovation, is nothing without sustainable consumer habits. The new trend Reuse is the new recycle is in top 10 global consumer trends in 2020. For example, reusable or refillable options are based both on innovation in production and consumer habits. Without the latter, innovation dies on a shelf. We recently launched Kaufland sports equipment made of PET bottles. We also enrolled to an ambitious objective to ensure 100% recyclable packaging for all own brand products until 2025.